We opted to buy the ruined Zsedényi press house standing alone as a diva in the middle of the Csontos vineyard. A five-year long wrangling process just started for getting a 1/6 part possessing in it, but in the end we managed to get it. In the Határi vineyard, we could harvest the first vintage. Most obviously, it was the aszú wine that could reflect the big temperature difference compared to the previous year: in the cellar, our bottles filled with it reminded us of thick but soft Venus statuettes

When she arrived to Tokaj-Hegyalja, to our region, we considered her as our youngest sister. She was a straightforward teenager, who was not ashamed to ask even the ”great Szepsy” how to make good wine.

We did not even think that we would share with this fragile, sincere, smart, agile, diligent, persistent and straightaway girl our home within a couple of weeks, a bit later our family, and to date, I can say, all our life.

We are grateful of having her friendship. We are proud that we were present at her first steps, and perhaps we could even help her a bit to take root here!

Csilla Pető and Miklós Pető

WineDrynessAlcoholSugarAcidityNo. of bottlesVolume
Csontos F off-dry 13.68 10.1 6.4 840 0.5 l
Teleki F dry 13.08 7 6.4 1200 0.5 l
Király F dry 13.79 6.2 6.2 388 0.5 l
Határi F, H dry 12.08 9 6.5 752 0.5 l
Exczellencziás F dry 13.21 9,4 7.2 133/469 1.5/0.75 l
Bott-rytis F, H sweet 11.2 127.5 6 600 0.5 l
Tokaji Aszú F, H sweet 10.95 189.3 7.5 448 0.375 l

F: Furmint | H: Hárslevelű | M: muskotály