Judit and József

I was born in Felvidék (known as Upper Hungary before the World War I, currently this region belongs to Slovakia), where I attended to agricultural college and fell in love with Jóska (or Józsi) Bodó, my later husband, who studied art history at that time.

From a sudden decision, I came to Tokaj, Hungary, in 2000 to live there for a while. Based on my background above, apparently I did not know what to do exactly here but it was a kind of inspiration force and luckily Jóska followed me easily (I believe, the Wikipedia definition for inspiration highlights my feelings pretty much: suggestion, impulse, impetus, one of the driving forces of spiritual and intellectual action, which, by means of creativeness, results in innovation, namely professional development or practical innovation).

We had no exact plans at all at that time. We were young, loose and perhaps a bit light-minded, too – though over the years we have lost a little bit of this. In return, we learned to take responsibility, how to make plans in the long run and to arrive at important decisions in a good harmony with the nature. We have been dreaming of an estate, having a vineyard, making wines and building community – and wine itself is to be only a tool to achieve all these goals. We do not use chemicals in our vineyards, wines are fermented spontaneously, in oak barrels. Our strive for reaching the maximum quality helps us to gather people around us with the same values and philosophy to work together for a successful future of this several-century-old wine region.

Bodó Judit