With a help of a tender, we could buy the cellar that we had only hired until that time. It was immediately extended by 15 metres and even furnished with a tasting room in the attic. We can host 10 guests here to taste some wines in a closed but relatively comfortable place. It has been the first (and up to date the last) time we celebrated Valentine’s Day – I was surprised with a wine filter of 20x20 as a present.

For our own sake, we made a sparkling wine. Our “kid”, the wine called ”3 Grácia” (3 Graces), was born this year. The parents are Stéphanie Berecz, Saci Bárdos and me.

We grew into business life together with Judit, from the beginning of the 2000s. Well over our adolescence age being highly motivated teenage girls, we found ourselves at the beginning of an ongoing process, which is summarised well by Joseph Beuys in his book:

”In business life, we should not create just a product. Indeed, we should create warmth among people, something spiritual. This warm character is a new art in business life: to create an internal substance that was non-existing so far. Covering ethereal warmth, which goes deep into the Earth… and finally, Earth becomes the Sun itself.”

Joseph Beuys, Kunst=Kapital, FIU Verlag 2016

Enikő Balla

Bor neveSzárazságAlkoholCukorSavPalackszámŰrtartalom
Csontos F száraz 13.55 5.2 5.6 1398 0.75 l
Teleki F, H száraz 12.87 5 6.4 928 0.75 l
Határi H száraz 13.94 7.8 6.2 781 0.75 l
Határi F száraz 14.74 3.1 5.6 1153 0.75 l
Előhegy F, H száraz 12.76 6.8 6.2 584 0.75 l
Kulcsár H száraz 13.38 0 4.8 613 0.75 l
3 Grácia F, H száraz 13.38 1.4 6 540 1.5 l
Habozó F, M félédes 12.01 21.9 7.4 1200 0.75 l
Szamorodni/Bott-rytis F, H édes 11.49 150.5 6.3 506 0.5 l

F: Furmint | H: Hárslevelű | M: muskotály