On the same day of the year, our third son and Jóska’s red tractor arrived. Peace and satisfaction settled upon the family. Owing to this funny coincidence, I know exactly the closing date of our leasing transaction. We did not open the window even in summer evenings – it was a cold vintage with cold notes appearing in the wines

Their wines are not simply excellent. I did not questioned any words or achievements of Judit and Józsi, since they had launched their winery. At tasting of any of the Bott wines, I am always relaxed in my chair. I can accept good as good, beautiful as beautiful, and true as true – there is no question left behind. And it is an extremely rare experience in a man’s life.

Alkonyi László

WineDrynessAlcoholSugarAcidityNo. of bottlesVolume
Csontos F dry 13.5 7,7 6 377 0.75 l
Határi H dry 13.11 7,7 5 834 0.75 l
Bott-rytis F, H sweet 10.99 150 8.2 540 0.5 l

F: Furmint | H: Hárslevelű | M: muskotály