Vintage of 2019 makes me think always the same: I wish we had such a year many times! The weather was warm, the summer rain arrived in a hectic way, often at a flood-like speed. Since we had enough time, harvest activities could be well organised. We managed to collect beautiful aszú berries, so our cellar hides now one barrel each of sweet szamorodni and 6 puttonyos aszú. Construction works are in full swing, I can hardly see my husband, Jóska.

It is difficult to set the balance but we are optimistic. The event called ”Bor-day” held in the Csontos Press House was a great fun for all the participants, indeed, we also enjoyed it very much. Our guests walked from vineyard to vineyard, whilst obviously fell in love with the wine region.

WineDrynessAlcoholSugarAcidityNo. of bottlesVolume
Teleki H,F dry 13.5 4.4 5.7 400 0.75 l
Kulcsár H dry 12.77 6.8 5.8 1860 0.75 l
Határi H,F dry 13.42 4.5 5.8 1412 0.75 l
Csontos F dry 14.08 2.1 5.4 1906 0.75 l
Exczellencziás dry 13.53 5.1 5.6 600 0.75 l
          100 1.5 l

F: Furmint | H: Hárslevelű | M: muskotály

Tokaji Aszú: still in barrell
Tokaji Szarmorodni: still in barrell