All we had was a small house, a small plot, and a small cellar – all hired at that time. And a little child that always makes a big pleasure. We had only a half hectare in the Teleki vineyard on the Tokaj Hill with some 70-year old, traditional head-trained vines, and a plot of 4320 square metres in the Előhegy vineyard – as our wedding gift. The conditions (soil, location, vines) are close to perfect in the Csontos, our third starting vineyard. A ruined press house in the middle of the plot, some charming neighbours – cannot be more ideal, it is the perfection itself.

It turned out that the traditional vines on the hilltop are about 100 years old, so Józsi started to take back the area from the forest getting deeper and deeper from the top. Since the uncultivated soil is very hard, our entire family worked itself into the ground by putting down the trellis posts. We had 563 bottles of wine from 0.7 hectares, which seemed to drink completely unpleasant at first – but some times later it was bottled as the first Exczellencziás. Later on, this wine – with its structure, content and future-proof character – became a flagship our winery and a worthy imprint of the vineyard.

Everyone should find the hidden corner of the world, where (s)he can recharge the batteries. The place where one gets more from than has previously brought to. For me, it is the Bott Winery. However, this genius loci would not mean anything without the brilliant hosts: Judit and Józsi are flying high above the clouds and are keeping their feet in the ground at the same time. So I am really thankful for them and for the wines they produce that wherever I open a bottle of Bott wine, I always smile, and can smell the fragrance of the Csontos vineyard, indeed, I can even recall the horizon of the landscape in Bodrogzug. They take me home if I am far away, and get me back if I am with them.

Balázs Vinnai

WineDrynessAlcoholSugarAcidityNo. of bottlesVolume
Csontos F off-dry 13.6 13.4 7.4 310 0.5 l
Teleki F off-dry 13.25 14.4 7.4 290 0.5 l
Exczellencziás F dry 12.67 5.2 7.5 563 0.75 l
Bott-rytis F, H sweet 11.28 118 8.1 400 0.5 l

F: Furmint | H: Hárslevelű | M: muskotály