Our dry wines were filled in bottles of 0.75 litres, and we reached a yield of 40 hectolitres. The rainy and cold summer brought pressure to us – severe brown rot and peronospora diseases hit the whole wine region. There was even a serious hailstorm in the Csontos vineyard this year. Cold notes appearing in our aszú wine suggested a very clean impression. We tried to make an estate wine – but later on it turned out as a failure.

I have never recommended any wines without tasting in advance. However, Bott Winery represents an exception for me in this regard, too. In this case I am pretty sure that only genuine and high quality wines are bottled in their winery. Judit and Józsi brought sincerity, purity and incredible commitment to Tokaj wine region. Nevertheless, they have not realised it yet, but they are real idols for the future winemakers and community-builders. Thank you, guys, for being with us!

Dániel Kézdy

WineDrynessAlcoholSugarAcidityNo. of bottlesVolume
Csontos F dry 14.14 3,1 6.2 1490 0.75 l
Teleki F dry 13.31 1,4 6.3 830 0.75 l
Bott-bor F, H dry 13.78 1,9 6.5 1960 0.75 l
Tokaji Aszú F, H sweet 10.44 169 9.8 354 0.375 l

F: Furmint | H: Hárslevelű | M: muskotály